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 Gefran ISI


  Melt Pressure Transducers / Transmitters


Mercury and Oil Filled Models

Strain Gauge and Process Outputs Availible

Rigid and Flexible Stem Models


PID Controls and Ramping Controls


PID Process Controls

Ramp / Soak Programmible Controls

1/16 & 1/8 DIN Designs


Indicators / Alarm units


Simple Indication to Complex  alarming

Many analog inputs availible

Multi-point Indication and  alarm models availible

Timers / Counters


Series 55 Multirange Timer

Series 550 Timer / Counter

Series 556 Timer/ Counter /  Frequency Meter

Series 2351 Counter /  Totalizer


Solid State Relays

Single and Three Phase   Control

DZC and Variable Time Base Firing Options

SCR Controls to 100A

Rectilinear Displacement Transducers


Standard Designs Fit Many Existing Applications

New PM Series With Magnetic Drag

Series IC For In Cylinder Mounting