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 The versatile Watlow cable heater can be formed to a variety of shapes as dictated by its many applications. Cable heaters are small diameter, high performance units, fully annealed and readily bent to your desired configuration.
The heater can be formed into a compact coiled nozzle heater for use on plastic injection molding equipment supplying a full 360 degrees of heat with optional distributed wattage. A straight cable can snake through a sealing bar in packaging equipment. A flat spiral configuration is used in semiconductor manufacturing while a star wound cable is used in air and gas heating.

Different applications require different construction methods, including one, two, three or four resistance wires; parallel coil or straight wire; drawn or swaged sheaths; with or without internal thermocouples; leads exiting from one or both ends, and round, rectangular or square cable.Whatever the application, the
Watlow cable heater can be shaped to fit your ideas.

Performance Capabilities


  •  Continuous operating temperatures to 1200F (650C) with intermittent operating periods achieving up to 1500F (815C).
  • Sheath watt densities on the cable to 30 W/in2 (4.65 W/cm2), and as high as 75 WIm2 (11.62 W/cm2) within factory approved conditions.
  • High ductility allows the heater to be cold formed into almost any shape.
  • The heater's low mass allows for quick response to both heating and cooling.
  • The heater can be isolated or sealed from the process environment with optional compression fittings or HIF adaptor seals. Cable heaters are constructed with no open seams. Optional testing is available to guarantee the integrity of all surfaces and seams.
  • High temperature corrosion and oxidation resistance along with ideal thermal expansion properties.
  • The heater sheath can be brazed allowing the permanent attachment of mounted fittings to the heater or the heater to the application process hardware.
  • Standard 304 stainless steel,
    or optional Inconel® 600
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