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 Watlow Ceramic Fiber Heaters


Ceramic Fiber Heaters


"Heated Insulation" 

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 The ceramic fiber heater product line offers some of the highest temperature heating element capabilities in the Watlow family of heaters. Ceramic fiber heaters are made by integrating an iron-chrome-aluminum (ICA) heating element and ceramic fiber insulation for a new concept in application problem solving..." heated insulation!"

Heating units constructed of ceramic fiber insulation isolate the heating chamber from the outside. Ceramic fiber heaters are extremely low mass, high insulation value units with self-supported heating elements. They're versatile for many applications that can benefit from the convenience of heating element and insulation in one package.

Ceramic fiber is an insulation made of an alumina-silica composition, held together by an inorganic binder. It's commonly used as a refractory material. Its lightweight, low-density properties make it ideally suited for high temperature applications requiring low thermal mass.