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Watlow Mica Strip Heaters

Watlow Strip Heaters

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 The Watlow mica strip heater is an economical and reliable source of heat for industrial equipment. A mere 15 mils (0.4 mm) thick mica insulator on both sides of the resistance element provides complete electrical insulation and offers little resistance to efficient heat flow. Plus mica withstands high voltage spikes, resists moisture and is inert to most chemicals

Performance Capeabilities


  •  Sheath temperatures to 900F (480C) on zinc-coated units Sheath temperatures of 1200F (6500C) on stainless steel units.
  • Watt densities to 55 W/in2 (8.5 W/cm2) Maximum voltage 480V(ac)




  • Low mass construction heats up faster to provide quick response to control input.
  • Flat resistance ribbon generates heat over a broad area. This design solution puts the heat source closer to the work.
  • Rust-resistant, zinc-coated steel sheath is treated to improve emissivity. The strength of this material also gives the heater rigidity.
  • Optional stainless steel sheath is available for more corrosive atmospheres.
  • Nickel-plated steel terminal posts are securely riveted to ensure a positive, trouble-free connection to the resistance circuit.
  • Computer aided design engineering assures the best combination of ribbon gauge, total wattage and winding spacing. This design combination maximizes heat transfer and life of the heater.
  • Excellent dielectric strength is guaranteed because all incoming mica receives a quality control inspection.
  • UL component recognition is available on applications to 900F(4800C) sheath temperature. File number E52951