Tu-Pak® Thermocouple Assemblies

Unit-constructed assembly with no replacement parts
Improved thermal response
Greater flexibility
Longer lasting than traditional thermocouples

Series 9000 Noble Metal Thermocouple

For high temperature (to 3200 ° F/1760 ° C) or more precise measurements
Wide variety of ceramic primary protection or metal secondary protection tubes
All assemblies are pre-tested and ready to install

Resistance Temperature Detectors

Duratherm Furnace Thermocouple

High reliability
Time-proven performance in widely diversified applications
Vacuum-tight seals and threaded process connections standard on some models

Series R800 Transmitter/RTD

Transmitter incorporates 2-wire, 100-ohm platinum RTD
Explosion-proof condulet enclosure, certified to Class 1, Groups C, D; Class 2, Groups E, F, G

Series R500 connector type RTD, 350 ° F or 1000 ° F max. with standard connectors. Variety of resistance elements, sheath diameters, and fittings.

Series R100 head type RTD, with cast aluminum, iron, or thermoplastic heads. Open head and bayonet or screw cover mini-heads.

Series R600 wire type RTD, with transition to lead wires with or without strain relief spring, or polyurethane coiled cord. Available 1/2" NPT x 1/2" NPT fittings.