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Series 2000/3020 1/4 DIN Controllers

Dual Display
Type J, K, R, T T/C or RTD Inputs (2000)
Type J, K T/C or RTD Inputs (3020)
Single Output


Series 86/88 Controllers

On/Off, Proportional or Limit Control
Type J, K, T Thermocouple Input
RTD Input (Series 86 Only)
Single Output

 (86 only)
(limit control)


Series 4000 1/4 DIN Controllers

On/Off, PID, or Limit Options
Type J or K T/C or Platinum RTD Inputs
Single Output

(limit control)

Series 1810 1/8 DIN Controllers

Accurate PID control with no complicated setup
Type J or K T/C input
Single output standard with alarm or proportional cooling second output optional